Onwards to the East

Hola treasured and few readers,
I am on the bus to Prague from Nurnberg, chatting with a German scientist about whether coal power is or is not a better option than nuclear. Yesterday was 38 degrees in Neuburg at Camp and these last days have been sweltering work, filled with setting up camp, building water trampolines and fortunately, swimming in the beautiful lake at Joshofen. On Saturday night we went to the Renaissance festival at the castle in Neuburg an der Donau,  which has a rich history from the 1500’s. Everyone was dressed up (the festival is amusingly known as Schlossfest) and it was packed out with people, games, music, dancing, laughter and many a bier garten. Germany has such a rich culture and it is these scenarios which make me realise just how young Australia (as it is today) truly is. The cultures of Europe are so vastly different to my own. I am blessed to spend a month there (the gorgeous town of Neuburg) in August, but for now I’m glad have a month off, to explore Eastern Europe a little bit with my pal Ben and also spend a few days in Berlin doing some epic touristing. The absolute best announcement just came over the PA on my bus ride:

“Dear customers we are approaching the golden city of Prague. You will encounter rich European history here, please remember to take all your belongings.”

What a laugh. Soon I will depart the bus into yet another foreign city (always a nerve-wracking feeling but one of the ones I cherish) in search of an iced tea and a McDonald’s so I can steal some WiFi to post this update and crucially, contact my mother. All the essentials 🙂 Until next time. D


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