Somewhere near Poland

“All I was searching for was me
Keep your head up keep your heart strong
Keep your mind set keep your head on”

Ben Howard /// Ever providing deep thought and endless inspiration on bus rides.

Today we crossed the border from Slovakia to Poland through a stunning mountain pass in the High Tatras. The grass and forest are so lush and surprisingly green, given the intense summer heat that I experienced! The houses here are quaint and adorable with pastel colours, wooden archways and sweeping balconies. It would be so beautiful to live out here with the mountains on your doorstep and to breathe in the crisp air every morning with your coffee! I’m super excited for Kraków as we’ve been truly out in the sticks for the last few days, with an overwhelming abundance of pizza restaurants & beautiful landscapes but little else. The Slovakians sure love their pizza and pasta, which I find bizarre but comforting – you can never go wrong with Italian food. I’d love to return here in the Winter for a ski season, apparently a lift ticket is as little as €35 a day which is BONKERS compared to the extortionate prices back home in Australia! In Liptovsky Mikulas (a VERY small town in the middle of nowhere, near the low tatras) we stayed with an Englishman who moved out here to get away from the city and live on the cheap, and my goodness has he succeeded. His chalet is in a quiet tree-lined street, minutes from the main square but nothing like the hustle and bustle of villages that attract tourists (this one doesn’t, we were constantly being stared at). It’s only €1 to access the mountain ranges via bus or train and your options for hikes, caving, snow sports are endless. It truly is a magical area but very remote, it was a rather random choice for Ben and I to come out here but it was so beautiful and was an experience like absolutely nothing else! More on this later, long bus rides really take it out of me… X


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