Laundromat thoughts in Ingoldstadt

This is the first time in a week that I have had time to sit down and actually write/blog because I have been so incredibly busy at Camp Adventure. We get up at 6:30/7:30 depending if the kids want to do morning sports and our team meeting tends to finish up at midnight with marshmallows on the fire, paprika chips and lemon beers by the lake, with hedgehogs running around at our feet…. so it’s a SUPER long day. During the day there is hardly any time for ourselves and if I manage to find time for a shower (only three times this week) it is generally cold! I realise I am making it sound horrible but truly I am having a great time, the kids are adorable (but some very spoilt/bratty) and the mates are super.

Today was a luxury because I got McDonald’s and wifi and an entire day with no kids climbing all over me, because we’ve had to drive up to Ingoldstadt to do ALL the kids’ laundry from a week of camp! Tonight is also a night off because the kids are on an overnight hike so I am looking forward to blissing out with some beers by the fire. I found out I have been accepted to a study tour in Mexico City so I am stressin’ hardcore as I need to sort out dates/flights and I am way too busy to be excited! The course is for two weeks but I’m determined to spend at least 6 weeks over there, and somehow managing to afford the flights, travels, and my rent in Melbourne…it’s so hard to plan travels whilst you are travelling! I’ve got 25 bags of laundry to get done so more on this later. I need to go and fold up the tiny t-shirts and socks now. 

P.S. Germany does McDonalds so RIGHT. They have a vegetarian quinoa burger and it is truly life.


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