Midnight watch at Summer Camp

It’s 1am and the fire has died down but alas, I must sit here until 5:30am in case a kid wakes up in the night and needs my assistance. I’m zipped up tight in my sleeping bag, three cups of tea deep, with the Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera; some paprika chips and hedgehogs as my only friends. The only positive of this horrible job is getting the morning off kid-watch and getting to stay in bed until midday! I found out that there is potentially wifi down on the dock too, from a house across the lake (?) so investigating that rumour will be a good task for later. There is also a water trampoline in the lake which is super nice to lie in and stare at the stars, so I have a few potential activities to keep me entertained.

12 hours later. It was actually a beautiful clear evening and the ever so lovely Thom came down to offer me some company and we fell asleep by the fire after a silent book club. I was rudely awoken by hedgehogs eaten the remaining paprika chips that were left by the fire and I watched the most stunning sunrise over the lake – so alls well that ends well. I’ve been listening to a ludicrous amount of Xavier Rudd and I am having a wonderful time at Camp full of new (potentially life-long) friends, laughs and very little sleep. X


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