French Fries

My Parisian experience has been strange and outrageously expensive and let’s never speak of it again.

No but seriously, its a wonderful city and I’d like to come back when I have a proper income and some pets and a house. Last night I went to a fancy vegan restaurant with some lovely Frenchies I met. We ate this incredibly small fig-oriented dish, which for the most part I have entirely forgotten about. For dessert I enjoyed a delectable chocolate, peanut and caramel mousse – these two dishes cost me no more than 22€! What a fantasy land these vegan restaurants live in, believing that fine vegan dining is the be all and end all of life and that people want to pay this absurd amount of money for loads of garnishes and ridiculously overpriced organic wine! I mean obviously some people too, and it is Paris after all but hot damn it was underwhelming. I don’t remember what it was called but its somewhere in Bastille and apparently it used to just have a vegan ‘night’ but it became so popular that they transitioned to entirely vegan. Rich Parisians are living this place. There was a huge queue outside and apparently you have to book really far in advance, but if you’ve ever been to Melbourne I promise you Vegie Bar and Yong’s Green Food would give this place a run for its money! The waiters were rather snobby too. I was wearing an Aztec printed shirt that I once sourced from Ben’s box of painting rags and got several disgruntled looks, particularly when I didn’t order a glass of wine. So that happened.

After dinner we were still starving due to the minuscule portions so we had soy hot dogs with blue cheese and rosé for a midnight snack…… It was 10x better than the fancy restaurant and potentially the best meal of my entire life, I have been telling every single person I encounter about it. It goes something like this, “how was Paris?” “oh my goodness so there’s this hotdog place…..” But I could have told you that would happen… late-night junk food and rosé on the side of the road over a fancy restaurant ANY DAY.

The most enjoyable part of the evening (second ofc to the hot dogs) was a lengthy discussion about English pronunciation, including me writing down the words wipe, whip, white and wit, complete with definitions and hand actions… my new French friends still couldn’t remember the difference or perhaps differentiate from my accent. It was a laugh. On my chilly bike ride home I saw a papa sleeping with two young boys on the street and I experienced the most horrible combination of lucky and distressed at the same time. I can’t imagine how my dad would feel if he had no other option than to have his children sleep beside him on the sidewalk…. It was a truly humbling experience and I rapidly forgot about my joyous hot dog, until this morning when i wrote about it here…

Today I went to the Sacré Cour and had a marvellous time exploring the many caverns of the beautiful cathedral when I realised I was still listening to Feel Like Makin’ Love – D’Angelo, and this was probably super inappropriate but regardless, I would like to take this opportunity to endorse doing these two activities concurrently. I continued on my extensive walk down to the Louvre, Royal Palais and Notre Dame! I am currently rejuvenating my legs and iPhone at the Biblioteque Publique, which is actually a fantastic library in the same building as the National Museum of Modern Art. I’m enjoying a cheap convenience store sandwich and a sparkling water because this is the true reality of my 20 Euro a day budget (no lies) but have been spending my chill time (that would, in an ideal world, be spent in museums and things that cost money…) reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed… so I’m truly loving this journey and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whatever happens to you belongs to you. Make it yours. Feed it to yourself even if it feels impossible to swallow. Let it nurture you, because it will.”
– Cheryl Strayed.

It’s a bloody brilliant book and though I’m only 60% through I have been captivated on every page. That being said, in these last three or so months I have yet to finish one book although I have started FIVE. For this I am ashamed. Stay tuned for more updates and I may finish this post when I get to the UK and am less on the move… that seems to be the way with this trip. Kisses and hugs from sunny, bustling Paris. Xx


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