01:20 GMT

There are only nights left of my European summer and I’m sitting in my friend’s London apartment wide awake, thinking about everything that’s to come when I return to the land down under.

I’m thinking about how I need a new job to save up for my next adventure, and how my head is always three steps ahead of the present. I need to live in the now but that’s a difficult skill to develop.

I’m thinking about my acceptance into a Masters of Teaching but I’m thinking perhaps this is the wrong choice, perhaps I want something more… what is it that I want? I’m thinking that turning my back on a Journalism was a rash decision and I should have given it a chance after studying it for three years.

I’m thinking about how everything is the same but at the same time one thing is really different 😦 I’m thinking that I need to talk about this with my best friend over many cups of tea, but I can’t do that anymore….

I’m thinking, but also I’m not thinking at all – because I’m scared to.



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