Come what may…

I finished my Diploma of Languages in Spanish 2 weeks ago (yahoo!) and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t yet had a chance to reflect on the amazing experiences I had during that course! When I was in Europe I travelled in Spain for three weeks with only 2 semesters of Spanish under my belt and had an incredible time, managing to get buy and purchase ever-important coffees with my limited skills. After four semesters I travelled to MEXICO for one month, where I stayed with a host family and studied at Universidad La Salle in Mexico City, before travelling to three other cities with friends (more on that here). This sparked my absolute adoration for Mexico and its people and has pushed me to get through my Masters degree (in Primary education) so I can find a proper job and save up to get over to Central/South America for an extended time! Learning Spanish at RMIT was an incredible experience, I made some wonderful amigos and I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg for my language learning journey…. after I’ve got Spanish down pat I would love to learn German or French…. let’s see!

When I finished my course the tutor sent us this beautiful e-mail which was rather inspiring, I’ll translate it vaguely for any non-Spanish speakers 🙂

Feliz fin de semana y no se estresen demasiado durante las proximas semanas de exámenes y tareas. Cuando tengan 40 van a ver que nada es tan grave y que en la vida es bueno tener planes, pero también ser flexible con lo que venga en nuestro camino.

Have a great weekend and don’t stress yourselves out too much during the next few weeks of exams and studying. When you are forty years old, like me, you are going to see that nothing is so bad and that in life it is good to have plans but also to be flexible and accept whatever comes in our journey!

So lovely.

P.S. If you ARE a Spanish speaker, particularly in Melbourne AU, I’d love to connect! X

Me in a Puebla Alleway, December 2015

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