Low GI diet? What’s that all about?

Mum and I had a lovely brunch today in North Hobart at which we came to a momentous breakthrough regarding my diet and some non-serious medical issues I’ve faced for the last four or so years. It was happening to me in High School as well but I thought it was simply stress related, alas, I’m so glad I’ve started to have some valuable realisations about this! I often get nauseous/dizzy at work – where I am constantly on my feet in an often stuffy function space and have never known why. Doctors & naturopaths have told me many different things and I’ve tried medications to stop it but have never been able to get to the bottom of it: I simply thought it was to do with not eating enough.

See, I get nauseous very quickly after not having eaten a meal at the usual time and didn’t know that my Dad has this too! We’ve worked out that it might be something pre-diabetes related so I’ve decided in the New Year to focus on a Low-GI diet, eating regular meals and being sure to always have healthy protein + carb combinations and low-fat in my meals. I feel so relieved to have finally found a solution that might work! Please get in touch if you have a similar issue (I think its hypoglycaemia) or even if you have diabetes and know any good tips that can help me with staying energised and feeling my best! X


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