Melbourne Marathon – my first 10K

Today we ran the 10K in the Melbourne Marathon and hot damn it was a tough gig. I am still hungover from Friday night and I had to make a stop to the porta-loo in the middle of the run and also walked 2/8 kilometres because I was literally dying. I smashed approximately 7 cups of orange Powerade and managed to push on, completing the race only 10-15 minutes behind my friends… But we DID it we FINISHED it and we raised more than $1300 for girls in West Africa to get an education! An achievement to be proud of for sure. Even though I didn’t achieve any Personal Bests I am so glad that I did my first 10K and I know that I can do it now so I am super motivated to keep running and to work on my times! Β Hit me up if you’re a runner in Melbourne and know of any good clubs or meet-ups πŸ™‚



Running for the gals

Hello! Some friends and I are going to be running in the Melbourne Marathon next weekend and I will be doing my first ever 10K (literally)! I was hoping to get a practice in before hand but I honestly have no time, what with exams and everything so it seems as though next Sunday will be my first attempt.

I’ve been running vigorously for a few weeks now, but the longest consecutive run I have done is 5 kilometres. I am super proud of myself though, staying fit is really hard with classes and a part-time job. You can follow me on Strava to see my struggles.

For the Melbourne Mara, we’ve been raising money through this awesome charity called One Girl. They send girls in West Africa to school and just $300 AUD is enough to fund one girl’s fees for an entire year. Thus far we have raised enough to send 4 girls (and there are 4 of us) which we are so pumped about. If you want to check out or donate to our page you can do so right here.

Stay tuned for a post-run update, there is a high chance that I won’t be able to walk but the next day I have my teaching rounds in a very full Prep classroom… (I have a month of placement coming up) so wish me luck! X