Come what may…

I finished my Diploma of Languages in Spanish 2 weeks ago (yahoo!) and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t yet had a chance to reflect on the amazing experiences I had during that course! When I was in Europe I travelled in Spain for three weeks with only 2 semesters of Spanish under my belt and had an incredible time, managing to get buy and purchase ever-important coffees with my limited skills. After four semesters I travelled to MEXICO for one month, where I stayed with a host family and studied at Universidad La Salle in Mexico City, before travelling to three other cities with friends (more on that here). This sparked my absolute adoration for Mexico and its people and has pushed me to get through my Masters degree (in Primary education) so I can find a proper job and save up to get over to Central/South America for an extended time! Learning Spanish at RMIT was an incredible experience, I made some wonderful amigos and I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg for my language learning journey…. after I’ve got Spanish down pat I would love to learn German or French…. let’s see!

When I finished my course the tutor sent us this beautiful e-mail which was rather inspiring, I’ll translate it vaguely for any non-Spanish speakers 🙂

Feliz fin de semana y no se estresen demasiado durante las proximas semanas de exámenes y tareas. Cuando tengan 40 van a ver que nada es tan grave y que en la vida es bueno tener planes, pero también ser flexible con lo que venga en nuestro camino.

Have a great weekend and don’t stress yourselves out too much during the next few weeks of exams and studying. When you are forty years old, like me, you are going to see that nothing is so bad and that in life it is good to have plans but also to be flexible and accept whatever comes in our journey!

So lovely.

P.S. If you ARE a Spanish speaker, particularly in Melbourne AU, I’d love to connect! X

Me in a Puebla Alleway, December 2015

Melbourne Marathon – my first 10K

Today we ran the 10K in the Melbourne Marathon and hot damn it was a tough gig. I am still hungover from Friday night and I had to make a stop to the porta-loo in the middle of the run and also walked 2/8 kilometres because I was literally dying. I smashed approximately 7 cups of orange Powerade and managed to push on, completing the race only 10-15 minutes behind my friends… But we DID it we FINISHED it and we raised more than $1300 for girls in West Africa to get an education! An achievement to be proud of for sure. Even though I didn’t achieve any Personal Bests I am so glad that I did my first 10K and I know that I can do it now so I am super motivated to keep running and to work on my times!  Hit me up if you’re a runner in Melbourne and know of any good clubs or meet-ups 🙂


Running for the gals

Hello! Some friends and I are going to be running in the Melbourne Marathon next weekend and I will be doing my first ever 10K (literally)! I was hoping to get a practice in before hand but I honestly have no time, what with exams and everything so it seems as though next Sunday will be my first attempt.

I’ve been running vigorously for a few weeks now, but the longest consecutive run I have done is 5 kilometres. I am super proud of myself though, staying fit is really hard with classes and a part-time job. You can follow me on Strava to see my struggles.

For the Melbourne Mara, we’ve been raising money through this awesome charity called One Girl. They send girls in West Africa to school and just $300 AUD is enough to fund one girl’s fees for an entire year. Thus far we have raised enough to send 4 girls (and there are 4 of us) which we are so pumped about. If you want to check out or donate to our page you can do so right here.

Stay tuned for a post-run update, there is a high chance that I won’t be able to walk but the next day I have my teaching rounds in a very full Prep classroom… (I have a month of placement coming up) so wish me luck! X

Hey, welcome.

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
Ernest Hemingway

Hi, you’ve reached my new blog, where I will write things which will often be accompanied by images I took. This quote from Hemingway is a pretty apt summary of my approach to blogging which is basically a situation where I write things down that I think without much regard for stylistic considerations or whether my content is interesting for anybody other than myself. I’ve decided to start this blog mainly for travel purposes as the old Tumblr situation feels much like high school and I think its time to spread my wings. I’m going to backdate some posts from my Tumblr so you can read about my previous travel experiences, if you wish it. Hopefully there will be many more to come as I hope to get out there again once I have finished this Masters!

Here is a summary of my life if you are interested or do not know me. If its the latter then howdy and I am unsure why but positively delighted that you’ve found yourself on my humble page. I hope you will enjoy my musings on this here blog. X

Me at Mackenzie Falls, Grampians NP, Victoria, 2016.

Más de México…

“These paintings say Mexico is an ancient thing that will still go on forever telling its own story in slabs of color leaves and fruits and proud naked Indians in a history without shame. Their great city of Tenochtitlan is still here beneath our shoes and history was always just like today full of markets and wanting.”
~ Barbara Kingsolver


Sincere apologies to you, my sporadic and few readers. I haven’t posted in several weeks as I’ve been so busy what with missing flights and reuniting with international amigos, but I’ve found myself with several hours to write as I sit on the Greyhound to San Francisco. It was a last minute decision to come here but I decided to splurge, do some touristing for one day and also visit the weird and wonderful Alcatraz. I’m excited for that. Then I’ll head back to LA for two days before commencing the long journey back home, down under.

So after Mexico City…

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Ciudad de México

I’ve been in Mexico for one week now and I am having the most brilliant time with fantastic company. We (Alyse, Josh and I) are staying in the house of Rosita, a lovely woman whose work is to look after exchange students, her house is very old – 130 years in fact – and she has lived here for 61 of those! She has an unbelievable amount of traditional paintings, loads of records, and an enormous amount of kindness and hospitality. She has gone very much out of her way to make pescetarian meals for Alyse and I, in addition to vegan meals for Josh! I awaken every day to find a pot of freshly-brewed coffee and breakfast has most often consisted of my most treasured foods on one plate – that is beans, guacamole and tortillas. She has two adorable puppies named Binky and Joy and always has family/friends over to share meals and memories with… the close-knit relationships that comprise the culture here are enviable, as is their consistent happiness and hospitable nature. We have much to learn in Australia, I hope to bring some of their positivity and kindness back down under with me.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Some gals from our crew (me in the front) after we visited some ruins in the centre of Mexico City and a museum which had a wall of skulls. I’ve forgotten the names of both.

I’ve been so busy with 6 hours of Spanish and 3 of Mexican history and culture or excursions. Today we visited Teotihuacán, an ancient Aztec city where we climbed the pyramid of the sun – the second highest in the world after Cairo. The view was incredible and you can really imagine what it would have been like, it’s well preserved even with mountains of tourists visiting it each year. I’ve learnt so much about this beautiful country from our professor, Arnoldo – a 70 year old man with 4 degrees and endless life experience, I don’t think there is anything the man doesn’t know he truly is a walking encyclopaedia. He has given up so much of his time to help us, as have students from our school who took us out salsa dancing last night and even drove the 10 of us home! The hospitality of everyone here and their passion for Mexico is humbling and amazing, every person implores us to tell our friends at home that Mexico is not as it is portrayed in Western media. The government is constantly trying to reform Mexico to make it a safer place and particularly in D.F. (Mexico City) they have made leaps in progressive ways such  as passing same-sex marriage, a magnificent step that Australia has yet to make.

My treasured friend Alyse and I at the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco. We got serenaded by Mariachis and purchased freshly roasted corn from a man in another boat.


I’ll endeavour to write more about this but for now I need to go and study, my course is incredibly intense and there is much to do!

Hasta luego x